Club life member, Jane Klein’s excellent work: Sailing Speers Point, 1880 Onwards, is commended to all who seek an in-depth appreciation of the history of the Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club (SPASC).

SPASC is one of the oldest sailing clubs on Lake Macquarie. It was founded in the early 1900s and by the 1920s hosted a large fleet of 16-foot skiffs.

Skiffs at Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club

By the 1950s, SPASC had become a stronghold for Vaucluse Juniors (VJs). In the decades since, mixed fleets of VJs, Skates, NS14s, Moths and Sabots raced at the club. Catamarans first joined the SPASC fleet in 1969 and Tasars in 1983.

VJs preparing to race at SPASC

Construction of the current clubhouse commenced in the early 1950s when members relocated the original building for better water access. With several extensions added as fund-raising allowed, the new clubhouse was finally completed and officially opened in 1974.

SPASC is a community service, charitable, non-profit-making organisation with strong ties to the local community and businesses, fellow organisations and the Lake Macquarie City Council. With over 50 members, the club encourages junior participation and has a good proportion of non-sailing members who assist with race operations. In addition to its own regattas, SPASC hosts regular State and National regattas for its classes and associations.

The clubhouse is magnificently situated at the northern end of the lake, surrounded by the green spaces of Speers Point Park. With sweeping views from the upper deck, it provides an ideal vantage for relaxing after races and enjoying the sunset.

The clubhouse

In accordance with its constitution, SPASC will continue to ‘encourage, promote, facilitate and foster the sport of sailing on Lake Macquarie and other waterways’. Please come and join us.

The boats

The club

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